Friday, January 7, 2011

How to Wear a Magic Scarf?

Magic scarves have become the popular most scarves in world today. These scarves are known for its luxurious softness and versatility and this is the reason why women prefer wearing them. Made up from 100% polyester and silky thick faux fur, magic scarves simply looks and feels great when worn. So, what are you waiting for? Glam up and get snug with a magic scarf. It is a fashion accessory that will never make you feel tired of wearing.

A magic scarf is versatile, fashionable and very silky. It will surely give a chic finish to your winter wear. Apart from being very stylish and versatile, it is quite practical and warm. You can choose a magic scarf from a variety of colors available in the market. However, white, taupe brown or black color magic scarf is in the trend and so you can definitely go for one of these colors.

You can in fact get about thousand scarves in one with just a magic scarf. They are stretchy and can simply be worn in different ways. This means you can keep on updating your outfit by trying out the different styles of wearing a magic scarf.

A Magic scarf can be used around the waist as a stylish belt and can be accentuated by a broach. The best thing about the magic scarf is that it's made from a stretchable material so you will actually have no problem in tying it. You can even wear your magic scarf as a stole. For this, you need to wrap it up around the shoulders to feel the warmth. If you want, you can even tie up the ends of the magic scarf or just pin it up with a broach to enhance your winter look. The magic scarves are created in long tube shape  and this makes them versatile. Pull the magic scarf long to get it in a narrow tube shape making it a beautiful long soft scarf. You can even pull or open up the tube to put it over the head. This means you can wear this fashion accessory even as a scarf hood. This style can keep your head protected from cold breeze and rain. How about opening the tube and slipping the magic scarf over the head for a cowl? You can pull it down around the neck and to keep warm and cozy.